The Way series 2019

Way series

The Way Series carries on from the initial ideas in the installation The Maze of Life and the Which series of artists books made during 2019. The theme is concerned with having responsibility for our directions or lack of directions in life. This series of paintings appears to give the viewer instructions about which directions to follow when looking at the work, whilst simultaneously challenging them to choose to view the work their own way. With opportunities to change direction along the way giving the viewer multiple directions and choices. No way is right or wrong - go your own way. The multitude of choices reflects ones that we are all currently facing in our daily lives, that are constantly changing falling apart and reforming along the way. We need to know our way in order to stay sane and functioning in a multi faceted and constantly realigning society (Of the internet age and political change.) Do the paintings represent my way? Can they also represent your way at the same time? We are all on this earth together ultimately traveling the same way towards the same end.