photo Judith Walker in Studio

Judith Walker’s art practice has spanned over 40 years. Born in Leeds, moved to London in
1974 to do a BA in Fine Art at Central St Martins. This was followed by two years at New
Mexico State University, doing a master’s degree.
Walker has always placed a strong emphasis on the use of colour, whilst also enjoying the
tactile qualities of painting, drawing and printing materials to produce abstracted forms. She
sometimes uses text to provide glimpses of internal emotions.
Interesting developments in her work came when she did a master’s research degree in
2015 at Birkbeck. This led to her producing more multimedia 3D work such as "Behind he Curtain".
A residency in 2015 at UCL Hospital inspired Walker to use health as subject for her work.
As a response to the first COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 she did a series of monoprints
containing words attempting to reach out to people, during the pandemic.
These works were created for a residency with nobarkingaRT. By posting the monoprints on
Instagram, she aimed to create a sense of community within people’s isolation.
Walker’s recent work, inspired by her lived experience of her own health issues, has
concentrated on how emotions effect, the health of the human gut. Some of this work has
been colourful celebrating the wonder of the human gut particularly the microbiome. Whilst
a series of prints “Gut Ache” draws on her experience as a cartoonist, using dark
black lines to connect emotionally with her audience. In 2023 this was used to
good effect in her installation Gutted!, created for a disused prison cell.