Behind the Curtain I 2014

This simple cloth folded with added colour has gone through a transition during the creative process to become a universal curtain and can represent any curtain that exists, has ever existed or will exist in the future. The curtain is used by humans in practical situations often ones of intimacy, times of stress, pain and also joy. It becomes possible for Behind the Curtain to represent an eternal curtain to become a portal into the human soul evoking a multitude of memories of the past and present and looking forward all at the same time.

This installation is part of a research project that I am working on for my course at Birkbeck. My research involves the examination of the work during and the after its creation in order to discover the in depth meanings behind the work that was created intuitively. Using texts and other artwork I am examining the experiences of the space created by Behind the Curtain.The above installation was the subject of my dissertation for a masters degree which I completed in 2015 at Brikbeck College the title is Behind the Curtain the research question is - What kind of experiences can be explored in the space Behind the Curtain?

Download a PDF of the dissertation: Behind the Curtain (7MB)

Images of installation available as digital prints A3 size £95