Empty Hallway 2015

Empty Hallway is an installation made from old coats and a threadbare rug, which I have arranged on a blank wall and sprayed with paint. The theme of this work, inspired by Gaston Bachelard's The Poetics of Space, is taking the idea of an abandon house with the rug folded up and old coats left hanging in the hallway. This installation is designed to evoke memories within the folds of the cloth which are reminiscent of trying to return to our childhood home and the feelings of security. Yet this space was abandoned long ago and we have moved on from our childhood home and grown up. This effect is further realised when I removed the cloth from the installation leaving only a halo like outline created by the spray paint around the items. This painting created on the wall is lyrical and light. The removal of the cloth appears to symbolise a leaving behind of the emotional baggage of our childhood home and reveals the possibility of using its outline to create a true self, within the image of our inheritance.