I Dream Of Being In A Crowded Place 2021

These words came to me because of vivid dreams that I have been experiencing during lockdown (apparently this was not an uncommon) mine were of being out amongst crowds in colourful places – then I would wake up in the morning to the reality of life in lockdown and wishing that I could live in my dream world.

I first made monoprints using these words - I then superimpose imposed these prints onto photographs I have taken of lockdown London. Using images of places like Leicester Square that are normally full of people. The absence of crowds draining the life out of these locations. Leaving them looking eerily deserted like in a dystopian science fiction movie.

Included is a photograph of sea gulls feeding on the shoreline of the Thames. They are all mixing and socialising together freely whilst the people walking along the river are all carefully keeping their distance from each other. I envied them their freedom.

I also chose to use photographs of deserted places as well including Cushendall Bay on the Antrim Coast in Northern Ireland and Herne Bay on the Kent Coast This represented a contradiction within me. I desperately wanted to be able to leave the city and go to the countryside or the coast during lockdown. However, I also realised that in these places there were still restrictions and people could not mix freely so there could be, a double sense of isolation.

My final works in this series were inspired by the arrival of spring after what seemed like an endless cold winter of infection. I used photographs of blossom trees as the blossom seemed more vibrant and cheerful than ever this year, giving hope for better things to come.

The photographic images are available as limited edition prints.