I Live in a Complicated Place/Space 2021

This series is inspired by my experience of living in my own body. I have at times found it a challenging and complicated space to live in. This has been heighted by the experiences of illness and medical treatments throughout my life. Sometimes making me feel that where I inhabit is infinitely complicated. A senior doctor did admit to me once that the longer they were in medicine the less they felt they knew.

Different parts of the body require engaging with and looking after on a daily basis. This can include exercise, diet and all forms of self-care. We may have to make complex decisions about our body after receiving the advice of experts on what is the best for us. Our brain adds another layer of complexity as does our intuition and sense of self. Outside forces can be at odds with what we feel is best for us and sometimes decisions are taken out of our hands.

Now due to COVID19, we are all having to face, the complexities and uncertainties of the place we inhabit. Our whole daily lives were transformed suddenly and maybe irrevocably. We have to think about our behaviour and submit to being medicalised through masks, hand washing, testing and vaccination. Maybe leaving us contemplating how one little virus caused all this havoc to our lifestyle and the vulnerability of our own bodies. Also revealing splits in society, through our different responses to the virus. Showing various levels of risk taking and some people challenging the authorities and science. What is disrupting society in the public realm is deeply personal and has made the space /place/ body we inhabit more consciously complex.