Inferno Terra Paradiso Series 1 - 2007

IS1T4 medium TS1T4 medium PS1T4

Inferno Terra Paradiso Sereis 1 triptych 4 2007 50x120 cm

This work was inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy, conveying the contrast in the mind between the three states of Hell, Earth and Heaven. On the left, the sharp contrasts in the colours represent the tormented agony of Hell. The more intense colours of the central image reflect a perspective more strongly rooted in the natural forces of the Earth. To the right, the more subtle contrasts convey an optimistic state of mind, contemplating the spiritual freedom of Heaven. These triptychs convey humanity's struggle to cope with conflicting forces in life and come to terms with tensions within its own nature. This is explored further in the next body of work Inferno Terra Paradiso Series 2.

Photographs by Peter Abrahams