Microbiome The Big and Small Picture 2023

  1. Microbiota Bigger Picture 2023Microbiota Smaller picture 2023

These two works are presented as a pair. “Microbiome the Big Picture” is made up of four pieces of unstretched canvas. They are of slightly different sizes `and the space between then forms the shape of a cross. These sections represent the cross section of the human gut. The use of this informal canvas structure is intended to mimic the peristatic nature of the human intestine. Inside the structure the microbiome is depicted along with the individual microbiota contained within it.

“Microbiome the Small Picture” is on one piece of unstretched canvas. It is intended that is this image appears to zoom in on “Microbiome the Bigg Picture” in order to have the effect of putting the image under a microscope.

The variety of materials used in both paintings includes pastel, acrylic paint and sand. They are deliberately applied by Walker in a loosely, expressionist manner. Striving to emulate the undulating, fluidity of the human gut.

These paintings continue with Walker’s fascination with the microbiome and the microbiota contained within it the human intestine. This internal population contains trillions of organisms. Walker imagines, in a science fiction type scenario, that they contain civilisations of infinite possibilities, living inside us.

Walker has taken a fanciful approach to depicting this microbiome. However, scientists are discovering new things about this population inside the gut all the time. It is believed to have significant effects on human physical and mental health.