The Eye Series 2000

The eye is our window to the world through which we perceive our individual illusions of life and death
My "Eye Series" of paintings were done as a response to the death of my mother. The symbol of the eye represents the window to the soul. The vivid, concentrated colour may seem strange as a result of intense grief, but I have viewed it as a strong contrast to these emotions and a symbol of release from life to a brighter place. This series of paintings also inspired me to create a group of silk banners for Peckham Library. "The Peckham Eye Project".

Each work is acrylic paint on canvas

Photographs by Peter Abrahams
Eye to Eye Eye Am Eye Level Eye Test
Eye to Eye 18" x 14" Eye Am 16" x 12" Eye Level 12" x 10" Eye Test 12" x 10" £180
Minds Eye Eye of the Storm Eyes Right Eye Eye
Mind's Eye 18" x 14" Eye of the Storm 20" x 16" Eyes Right 16" x 12" Eye Eye 20" x 16" £260