The Peckham Eye Project 2001-2

The Eye Series at Peckham Library

The first site specific work made for the architecturally innovative building Peckham Library

The eye is our window to the world through which we perceive our individual illusions of life and death
I created four banners made from colourful silk. The images on the banners were inspired by my series of "Eye" Paintings. I felt that the eye theme was very relevant to this location. The banners were hanging in front of windows which are the eyes of the buildings. Also, a library is a building where the public is predominately using its sense of sight. This project was a great success. The work was admired by library users and staff alike. It was also complemented by the library’s architect Wil Alsop. This art work inspired an educational project on the theme of eyes. This included visits to the library by school children from Southwark to see the work and create their own images inspired by the banners


Photograph by Peter Abrahams