Positive and Negative Folds Series 2016-2017

The Two Halves I and II created late 2016 are made from cellophane, plaster of Paris bandage and spray paint. The process of producing these pieces creates a positive and a negative. The two parts are then put together to construct a whole, representing unity. Showing the two works side-by-side and creating a new piece Two Twos further enhances this effect. This work is symbolising wheels within wheels, communities within communities together forming a harmonious whole and a reaction to current divisive politics.

In 2017 I went on to continue working with these materials using the same process, creating pieces that are the mirror images of each other that can be shown alongside each other, or separately as stand alone pieces. The negative images viewed individually create an ambiguity as to how they were created.

Winding Causeway was a further exploration of the themes that I developed in my piece Causeway I inspired by the myth of the Giants Causeway in Ireland. Though Winding Causeway is more of an exploration of an internal journey in a continuous loop going round and round. This is can be explained as a physiological examination of the self or a journey of the soul. Allowing a deep, quiet and considered examination of the self, that excludes distracting outside forces contained in our busy lives, such as social media.

Two Folds Entwined is a work that is an attempt at a resolution of the journey in Winding Causeway. This image is a self-contained motif that stands boldly alone but along side the negative image. The piece is about reclaiming individuality and a sense of self, in a world where we are continually being bombarded by outside information and influences, that can start to erode at our sense of self and our belief systems.