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You’ve Got Guts!

The wonder of the human gut (We all have one!)

You’ve Got Guts! Is an immersive installation, which will give the audience the sensation of being on a journey inside the human gut. Along the way they will experience the beauty complexity and the dark side of their own digestive system. The installation will be supported by a comic book story of the adventures of a piece of food as it travels on its journey throughout the length of the gastrointestinal tract from ingestion to egestion.

I have had a practice as a fine artist and cartoonist in London since finishing my MA in New Mexico, USA in 1980. I have exhibited my fine art work widely and have worked on public works of art for South Bank University and Peckham Library. I did a regular cartoon strip for The Sun newspaper in the eighties and for seven years was the editorial cartoonist for New Humanist Magazine. In 2015 I completed an MRES at Birkbeck in order to explore the possibilities of developing a research based art practice. Since July 2015 I have been a cartoonist in residence at UCL Division of Medicine.