Behind the Curtain image 1

Emotion in colour

A vibrant, provocative expression of feelings in abstract form. Judith Walker's work provides a stunning view of life through the eyes of an artist who translates emotions into vivid contrasts between colours. Over the years she has evolved a style that uses abstract forms and bright colours to create an intense vision of heartbreak, contemplation, resolve and joy. Her work is a source of stimulation for the eyes and the heart. Immerse yourself in the vision.


For the past two years she has been using research as a part of her practice and has completed a masters research degree at Birkbeck College, University of London. The above installation is the subject of her dissertation Behind the Curtain the research question is - What kind of experiences can be explored in the space Behind the Curtain?

Image:Behind the Curtain 1 2014

Judith Walker also does cartoons under the name of Judy Walker

Photograph by Artist