Elements of Life 2009

  • Earth and Fire (Hell) 2009 80cm x 60am
  • Earth and Water (Earth) 2009 80cm x 60am
  • Fire and Water (Heaven) 2009 80cm x 60am
  • Hell on Earth 2008 100cm x 50cm
  • Earth on Earth 2008 100cm x 50cm
  • Heaven on Earth 2008 100cm x 50cm

Elements of Life

My latest work has focused in on the different elements of earth, fire and water. These potent elements are all infused with their own powers of life and death. Earth, fire and water are strongly symbolic and all associated with human emotional states. As humans we struggle with the different elements of our physical and emotional world; we are involved in a never ending search throughout our lives looking for answers to our own existence and mortality. Humanity tries to explain these issues through myths, legends and religion. I explore life through art and these paintings are inspired by Milton’s Paradise Lost. The idea of a lost paradise reflects a desire in man to be childlike and not have to face difficulties - it would be possible if only Eve had not eaten the apple to live without problems. This subject interests me due to the trend in contemporary society, to believe that suffering is avoidable and not acceptable. We use science and technology to avoid illness, death and the ageing process.

Photographs by Peter Abrahams
All images acrylic on canvas