Floating off the Wall- 2013-14

Floating off the Wall was a name that chose as I was literally moving off the wall and using the floor. I had done this previously with my installation Outside the Grid which had involved laying canvases on the floor. This was to take this idea a stage further.

I decided to use wallpaper lining paper. This is a material that I have used successfully when doing workshop with art therapy groups and children. This material is cheap and fluid. I just let it flow onto the floor pinning it down with a staple gun where it rested. I did exaggerate the folds of the paper as I wanted the work to be three dimensional I and to create inside surfaces as well as outside surfaces.

When I had the paper in the positioned the way I wanted, I took a line for a walk over the structure, using another fluid material charcoal. I looked at the work from all angels drawing on the inside and outside surfaces using a light pressure in order not to turn the folds in the paper into creases.

The theme for this work comes from the folds of fabric in the Japanese Ukiy (Floating World) prints. I have spent time studying and making sketches from these prints. The colours I used where inspired by the prints. I used liquid paint, again in order not to crease or flatten the paper.

I created one of the images by wrapping a model inside the paper and working on it with the charcoals whist she was inside. She said that it was a pleasurable, comfortable experience that gave her a sense of well being.

Model Barbara Banes

Photographs were by Judith Walker