Post feminism 2012

Post feminism Diptych 2012 40cm X 51cm Acrylic on canvas £800

This is a visual statement about where is feminism today. Was the battle won by the bra burning of the sixties and seventies followed by the equal opportunities and political correctness of the eighties and nineties? Things are better for women but the war has not been won.

Recently George Baselitz said the women could not paint as well as men; a statement I contest and deeply resent. I also think that younger women of today think the war has been won and do not see how they are still undermined in the work place and socially. Why are women tottering around on heels that are higher than ever, wearing skirts that are shorter than ever, starving themselves to be even slimmer and having more plastic surgery?

Also, the word slag has not gone out of use and men who sleep around are still admired by their mates. These paintings are a pink rant on canvas for which I do not apologise! But I do not hate men and I do wear make-up!